LifeSize is a true pioneer in the video conferencing industry. No other organization brings the conference room to life like LifeSize, combining cutting edge hardware with the world’s easiest to use software. With LifeSize and IQbusiness you can simplify the video conferencing experience, because let’s face it, traditional on-premise video conferencing is cumbersome and difficult to use. When the IT person has to be involved in every call, it’s not simple- we think it should be.

Ease of Use

Not all video conferencing is created equal. LifeSize combines the world’s easiest to use software with cutting edge equipment that sets a new standard for video communication. Where most video is impossible for the average end-user, LifeSize and IQbusiness make the process simple, easy, and even fun. How? Because with one-button remote controls and an intuitive icon-driven display, the process is so seamless that even your least tech-savvy users will be making video calls in minutes.

Quality of Experience

There is no other solution on the market that delivers “lifelike” quite like that seen through the lenses of LifeSize. For organizations that want the ultimate conference room collaboration experience, LifeSize delivers. IQbusiness has helped organizations like Margaritaville leverage the power of video conferencing to connect manufacturers and business partners around the globe to achieve their goals. You can too.

Key Benefits and Features

  • High Performance End Points – Lifesize has flexible, easy-to-use endpoints that meet the needs of every industry, whether in a highly secure boardroom, broadcasting to a large audience in a conference hall, or around the globe via the web
  • Access on Mobile Device – Stay connected on any device with complete mobile integration, a powerful tool for traveling executives and mobile work forces that enables HD face to face communication anywhere
  • Open Integration – We work with your existing IT infrastructure to leverage previous investments and minimize the need for exhaustive training